Genoa is a great Tourist Attraction

Genoa is one of the most visited places at Italy. The Genoa is also termed as the Capital of Culture. Genoa is situated at the Italy’s North West coast and is famous for its architecture. Genoa is famous for its artistic heritage. If you are planning your honeymoon at a place where you can enjoy the artistic heritage then Genoa is the best place for you to spend your honeymoon. Genoa is an important seaport of the Italy. You can enjoy here hot summers and cool humid winters. The city is rich in arts, music and history.

General information about Genoa

As the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genoa is one of the most impressive cities in Italy. Located along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, it has a long history of maritime trad, and its grandeur can still be seen today. Eurail pass holders are sure to visit Genoa to experience not just its history but also its unique excellent cuisine, beautiful sights and its romantic seaport that witnessed the history of the Mediterranean Sea.

Population of Genoa

Population of Genoa region is 594,733.

Yearly tourist numbers in Genoa

Genoa has 7.79 million Tourists can travel yearly.

Short info about history

Genoa has a unique conformation: it is not surrounded by walls and has not a real periphery. It has developed absorbing the villages on the coast, on the west and on the east, in the XIX and XX centuries. The Great Genoa, in 1926, was formed by the annexation of the autonomous coastal municipalities: industrial areas such as Sestri Ponente, Voltri, Sanpierdarena or touristic resorts such as Nervi and Pegli. So, the today Genoa is formed by many different centres with their own character: the district of Pegli, for example, on the westernmost side, far from looking like a residential periphery, has historical villas and palaces similar to those you can find in the central Genoa, and the same can be said about the industrial district of Sanpierdarena.

Where is Genoa

Genoa is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, because of its unique ability to join together a modern and technological aspect. Genoa is a port city of Italy and it is also the capital of northwest Italy’s Liguria region. It is identify for its central role in marine trade over many centuries.

Best Things to do in Genoa

A lot of things can be done in Genoa. First, for those museum buffs whose trip is incomplete without museum visits, there is the Galleria di Palazzo Bianco. It has a wide collection of Genoese, Flemish and French Painting done during the 12th to 17th century. The Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola is located at the former home of the Spinola family. The house itself has various antique collections of the family’s affluent lifestyle during the 17th century. Then, there is the Galata Museo del Mar, Museo di Sant’Agostino, Galleria di Palazzo Rosso and Museo d’Arte Orientale Eduardo Chiossone. To those wanting to visit the home of Genoa’s great explorer, La Casa di Cristoforo Colombo is just located within the city’s center.

Here is a short-list of area where visitors will want to visit if they travel to Genoa

Museums in Genoa

The museums of Genoa, present Museums are based on art, culture, science and nature, history. There are several museums such as:


  • Palazzo Rosso
  • Palazzo Bianco
  • Palazzo Tursi
  • Castello D’Albertis / Museum of World Cultures
  • Oriental Art Gallery “Edoardo Chiossone”


Historical buildings in Genoa

There are many Genoa’s most famous historical buildings. The old port area in Genoa is also house to a various fascinating historical building. Genoa city has many historical building such as

  • Walk on the sea Anita Garibaldi
  • Piazza De Ferrari
  • Porto Antico
  • The buildings at Strada Nuova
  • Piazza San Matteo


Genoa tourist attractions

Genoa is a great destination for a city smash, whether people want family outing or an artistic holiday. Genoa is a best tourist attraction. There are many tourist attractions in the Genoa city such as

  • Aquarium
  • Waterfront – Porto Antico
  • Bigo
  • Galata Museo Del Mare
  • Boat trips



Shopping in Genoa


Shopping in Genoa is not always inexpensive. If visitors go to several of the cities in the south then they will discover fashion provisions that are reasonably priced. Many items will cost less than they do in the UK there and there are abundance of bargains accessible. However, if visitors head to the north then they will discover that fashions are more exclusive purely and minimally because of the location of the stores. Depending on visitor’s passion for style, they might well purchase the attire anyway because of the status that comes with purchasing them in Genoa and the fact that the fashions are the hurtful edge.


Biggiest Malls in Genoa

There are several malls where visitors can shop the branded products.


  • Gruppo Coin
  • Fiumara
  • Ipercoop L’aquilone
  • Basko
  • di per di


Local Markets in Genoa


Travelers can find out the most famous local markets in Genoa where they can shop Local city products. There is some of the best Local market in Genoa such as:


  • Mercato Orientale
  • Consorzio Del Carmine Market
  • Ristorante Abbey Road Genoa
  • I Ricordi Mercatino dell’usato
  • Il Piccolo Lord


Nightlife in Genoa


The Genoa is sure to amaze you with its nightlife and it offers a quick access to restaurants. There are many family-friendly resorts, and Gibraltar boasts the most popular mountain in the world, from where visitors can On board of Genoa they will be offered a wide range of restaurants, bistros, and bars.


Practical Information about Genoa


Similar to Liguria, Genoa extends on a long and thin strip of land, for a distance of 30 KM from the westernmost to the easternmost spot. The historical city developed in the space between the two valleys Polcevera on the west and Bisagno on the east. This is the central and the thickest part in the town, characteristically fan-shaped, descending towards the sea from the fortresses and the walls on the hills.


Temperature in Genoa


Genoa have an average temperature of 20°C in summer and the coldest is 9°C with the most each day sunshine hours.


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