French Alps, France Travel Guide

The French Alps are home to cold mountain crests, perfectly clear lakes and rich green valleys and are most known for their open air exercises like skiing, paragliding, mountaineering and boating. It is here that you will discover chalets dabbing the mountainside town and view that will blow your mind. You’ll nearly have a craving for venturing to the highest point of a crest to yodle or singing your most loved Sound of Music tune as you appreciate the characteristic excellence in this locale of France.

Maybe most understood in the French Alps are the renowned resort towns that pull in guests from around the globe every year.

Sightseeing and Day Trips in French Alps

The Haute-Savoie has an exceptional scope of attractions. Here are only a portion of the unmissable scenes and spots to visit:

Aiguille du Midi in Chamonix: Take Europe’s most elevated link auto and appreciate the most amazing perspectives from the best including Italy and Mont Blanc.

Montenvers prepare: another approach to find astonishing perspectives of the Mont Blanc with this grand Montenvers prepare ride.

Annecy: Tenderly nicknamed ‘Little Venice’, Annecy is one of the prettiest towns in France. Go for a walk around the pretty boulevards, unwind at one of the asphalt bistros swim in the great turquoise Lake Annecy ignored by awesome mountains. Guests will be spellbound by this enchanting old town.

Evian and the Lake Leman: A standout amongst the most soothing spots to visit, Evian is unquestionably a goal not to be missed for its quality, the calm and the perspectives. There are additionally a lot of exercises to browse on Lake Leman.
Chamonix: The delightful mountaineering capital. Chamonix likewise includes a lot of shopping and nearby eateries to appreciate while taking in the perspectives.

Local Entertainment in French Alps

All the nearby vacationer workplaces in the French Alps offer a day by day program of amusement amid July and August. Exercises composed for the entire family incorporate nature strolls, expressions and specialty workshops, society moving, wine sampling, wild marmotte spotting, open air recreations, boules competitions and that’s only the tip of the iceberg. Check the day by day program at the nearby vacationer office for more data.


French Alps Food and Specialities

France is a long-lasting most loved for all nourishment and wine sweethearts and the entire Rhone-Alps area is no special case. Gastronomical joys incorporate dishes, for example, Fondue, Raclette, Tartiflette, and acclaimed mountain cheeses like Tome de Savoieor Beaufort, all to be delighted in with a neighborhood Mondeuse wine or the well known Genepi.

Similarly the nearby cakes are not to be missed! The celebrated Gateau de Savoie and Bugnes are must to be had a go at amid your trek. To discover more about the unmissable dishes to attempt in the High resorts.

Bear in mind to visit one of the nearby markets which take in the greater part of resorts over the French Alps. There you will find flavorful neighborhood cheeses, charcuterie, Elevated nectar, natively constructed jams, crisp nearby foods grown from the ground, and nearby expressions and art.

  • Traditional Little prepare

You can find the greater part of the scenes and towns on the customary Petit Prepare Touristique: a little prepare utilizing the street at a moderate pace, and you can select to tune in to the sound analysis from the guide for additional data on the history and scene. Ideal for the individuals who need to investigate relaxedly. You can discover this prepare in many resorts including Les Gets, Chamonix and La Toussiure.

  • Walking

The mountain condition in summer is staggering with its scenes of wild blooms and untamed life. To be as close as conceivable to nature itself, strolling is a standout amongst other alternatives.

In each zone (Portes du Soleil, Chamonix Valley and so on) there are several kilometers of checked ways to be investigated by fledglings and general walkers like.

  • Biking

The French Alps are a heaven for each bicycle darling. The Portes du Soleil region alone has in excess of 500 miles of mountain biking trails. Each way is checked and the vacationer workplaces can likewise give maps and course subtle elements.

Arras: Discover this Small Town in the North of France

Arras is a city with the most noteworthy thickness of landmarks in France, Arras happens in the Hauts-de-France, in the Pas-de-Calais. Third most populated collective of the division, behind Calais and Boulogne-sur-Mer, it is around fifteen kilometers from Focal point, and around forty kilometers from Lille.

A favored living arrangement of the Include of Flanders the ninth century, Arras experienced an essential advancement between the twelfth and thirteenth hundreds of years. The city is then known for its drapery action which reaches out all through a lot of Europe at the time. Burgundy between the fourteenth and fifteenth century, the city of Arras joined the chest of France in the seventeenth century under Louis XIII. The fabric business is progressively crumbling, offering path to a specialty situated movement. Crushed amid the two world wars, the city renewed from its fiery remains just in the 1990s.

Today, Arras is a mainstream traveler city because of its extremely rich compositional legacy. Named a City of Workmanship and History, it is likewise part of the System of Real Destinations of Vauban and has been granted four blooms in the opposition of urban communities and botanical towns of France.


Unbelievable Interesting Things to do in Arras

The fortress of Arras has a characterization to the Chronicled Landmarks and the world legacy of UNESCO, as its tower. This fortification of the second 50% of the seventeenth century was neutralized in the years 2010 and is currently utilized as a setting for shows or relaxation occasions like the Principle Square celebration.

Gothic style, the spire date from 1463. Finished amidst the sixteenth century, it happens alongside the Arras town corridor of colorful Gothic style. Annihilated by shelling in October 1914, they were both remade indistinguishably.

Toward the start of the sixteenth century, the town corridor was delegated a Memorable Landmark. Notwithstanding its fundamental building, it includes a Renaissance-style attach, and was introduced by the Sovereign Napoleon III.

In any case, it is basically known for its two principle squares, the Great Place and the Place des Legends, that the town of Arras is essentially known. Encompassed by 155 Flemish Extravagant style houses recorded or delegated Noteworthy Landmarks, they offer a legitimate asphalt. The second one likewise reveals secured exhibitions with unique shops and alluring bistros.

Named Recorded Landmarks, the Notre-Lady et-Holy person Vaast Church building was worked toward the finish of the eighteenth century in an established style. It is crafted by Pierre Contant d’Ivry, designer of the Madeleine church in Paris.

A previous Benedictine monastery, Holy person Vaast convent was established in the seventh century on the slope of La Madeleine, the typical place of shelter for Holy person Vaast. In the seventeenth century, the foundation was the starting point of the production of one of the three first schools of the college of Arras, and in this way turns into an imperative focus of culture. Since 1825, the building has the Expressive arts Historical center of Arras, highlighting works by Brueghel le Jeune, Charles Le Brun, Camille Corot, Théodore Rousseau and Eugène Delacroix. Accumulations of craftsmanship objects are likewise present, including figures.

A few religious structures occur in Arras, similar to the church of the Chariottes of the eighteenth century, delegated Recorded Landmarks, the community of the Clares established in the fifteenth century and recorded in Authentic Landmarks, or the Monastery of Henin-Lietard, A previous religious focus made by the Request of St. Augustine in the seventh century. One can likewise respect a few remnants of the monastery of Mount Holy person Eloi, previous asylum of the priests in the XIth century recorded with the Noteworthy Landmarks.

The Fontaine du Pont-de-Cité, otherwise called the Neptune Wellspring, was worked in the 1860s by the planner François Steady Common. It happens at the site of the antiquated bulwarks and speaks to the divine force of the Ocean.

Annecy in France

Annecy is capital of the Haute-Savoie, Annecy is a city of Workmanship with a wonderful compositional congruity. Strolling around Annecy old town is a genuine joy. With its enchanting trenches, its bloom festooned banks, its little delightful scaffolds and its excellent houses with brilliant exteriors, Annecy conveys extremely well its epithet of Savoyard Venice. That it is so wonderful to walk around its trenches or stroll around the exquisite thin walker roads!

In the core of the old town, the Île castle, a previous jail and the Palais de Equity (law courts), is today home to the Annecy History historical center. Close to this emblematic working of the twelfth century, the Sainte-Claire Road is likewise an unmissable place amid the visit for its wonderful arcaded houses. Overshadowing the town, the exhibition hall mansion, previous living arrangement of the tallies of Geneva and the dukes of Genevois-Nemours, is committed to paleontology, ethnology, craftsmanship, history and high lakes.

To finish this delightful visit, there’s in no way like a stroll on the edge of the glorious Annecy lake. Not to be missed! The Europe plants, the Loves connect spreading over the Vassé channel, the Albigny road fixed with plane trees and the Champ de Mars are heavenly locales incredible for unwinding. For the most ideal approach to find the lake and encompassing mountains, guests can travel on traveler vessels or contract pedalos and little speedboats.

Interesting Things to do in Annecy


Go to the market: Annecy has certainly adjusted the craft of the market. On Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays, local people acquire their create, cheeses and frankfurters, or saucissons, which come in assortments running from garlic to hot espelette pepper. The last Saturday of the month, sustenance is supplanted by an impressive old fashioned market, which conveys marginally more refined products (mountain-style furniture) however a lot of bric-a-brac. On account of its closeness to Switzerland, costs can be somewhat high yet you can deal, and you can likewise locate the periodic fantastic arrangement. Drive forward

Annecy is capital of the Haute-Savoie, Annecy is a city of Workmanship with a wonderful compositional congruity. Strolling around Annecy old town is a genuine joy. With its enchanting trenches, its bloom festooned banks, its little delightful scaffolds and its excellent houses with brilliant exteriors

Eat a fondue  I had a dazzling truffle fondue at l’Etage in the old town (see that heavenly photograph beneath). On the off chance that you’re pondering about the tartiflette, it’s a much-adored nearby dish made with potatoes, cheddar, cream, onions and bacon – to kick the bucket for! Inquisitively, this isn’t really a conventional dish however was created in the 1980s by makers of the neighborhood Reblochon cheddar, whose deals were feeble. Presently, it’s a standout amongst the most mainstream dishes locally and I never go a winter without treating myself to one.

Speaking of eating cheese, drop by the Fromagerie Pierre Gay, advance toward the back of the shop and valiantly remain on the thick glass floor: beneath you, many cheeses are occupied with maturing until development.

Go hiking, nearly inside as far as possible. Regardless of whether simply over the city or around the lake, you can walk or climb for a hour or a day, from learner to master and everything in the middle.

Ski or snowshoe in winter, with five ski slants inside a hour’s drive of the city (I don’t ski however I do love furrowing around the snow in my rackets!

Attend a festival – in case you’re a liveliness fan, at that point don’t miss Annecy’s prestigious Movement Film Celebration in June. Whatever remains of the year is loaded with celebrations and extraordinary occasions and they change, so visit the Traveler Office’s calendar for the rest: theater, writing, sports…

Enjoy all the seasons, and this is one Annecy’s greatest attractions: in summer you have the lake and the mountain and every one of the games that run with summer in nature, in spring and fall you have the old town and walks around the trenches and in winter you have ski slants a hour away.

See the standard sights – Annecy’s Estate (nine centuries old); the Pont des Loves, or Scaffold of Affection, at the edge of town – sweethearts get a kick out of the chance to meet here (previously, it was to a greater degree a ‘get’ point for women of the night); two prevalent adjacent territories: the Jardins d’Europe, a wonderful stop with hundreds of years old trees, and the Paquier, a previous dairy animals field turned super grass by everybody to unwind, have picnics, walk pooches or make a move.

Reims Travel Guide

Reims, France.. just a three-hour drive from Calais, Reims is regularly a reason for a brisk voyage through a champagne house, a splitting feast and the buy of a case or two of bubbly. In any case, that would mean overlooking some of France’s most essential legacy, from the unadulterated Gothic church to fine exhibition halls and a patched up downtown area.

“In the event that you just observe one French house of God, it must be Notre-Woman de Reims. The façade is extraordinary.” Gazing up at the many statues on the house of God’s west front, we can’t differ with our guide, Françoise Buckley. She calls attention to the city’s seal, a thirteenth century figure known as L’Ange au Sourire.


Visit the Cathédrale Notre Dame

This Gothic house of God, worked in 1211, highlights recolored glass windows, a 12-petaled rose window, a Gothic organ case, and a cosmic check worked in the fifteenth century. Various French rulers have been delegated at this UNESCO World Legacy Site; maybe most the most celebrated occasion at the house of God was the crowning liturgy of Charles VII in 1429.

Tour the Palais du Tau

Another UNESCO World Legacy Site, the Palais du Tau is the previous home of the ecclesiastical overseer of Reims and filled in as a place for French lords to have post crowning ordinance meals. Today the Palais is a historical center bragging religious relics from the house of prayer and a variety of embroidered works of art and statues.

Learn about Champagne at the Taittinger HQ

The central command of these Champagne makers lies only a short transport ride toward the southeast of the downtown area. Visit the basements, some of which are situated in Roman stone quarries going back to the fourth century, and others which were uncovered in the thirteenth century by Benedictine priests. Obviously, don’t leave without getting a charge out of an essence of Taittinger’s bubbly toward the end.

 Take in history at the Musée de la Reddition

As the name proposes, this historical center spotlights on the German surrender in World War II, and is housed in the working in Reims where US General Eisenhower made his brief base. Guests can see the Unified fight maps as yet holding tight the dividers, and additionally displays of military photographs, curios and a short film.

Shop at the Halles du Boulingrin

This real sustenance advertise opened in 1929, denoting Reims’ recuperation from World War I, and was revamped and reestablished in 2012. Today the Workmanship Deco-style showcase is a shopping for food goal and also has visit displays and other social occasions.

Enjoy art at the Musée des Beaux-Arts

An eighteenth century monastery is the home for this differed and broad gathering, which ranges from German Renaissance specialists to the Impressionists. Try not to miss the form of ‘The Demise of Marat’, by Jacques-Louis David, as this is one of just four forms on the planet.

Explore the Basilique St-Rémi

This monastery church, named after Diocesan Remigius, highlights a blend of structural styles, and highlights an eleventh century Romanesque nave and transept and a twelfth century early Gothic choir display and light fixture. Head nearby to the Musée St-Rémi for a history lesson extending from the Gallo-Roman time to nineteenth century military history.

Eat at Le Millénaire

Cook Laurent Laplaige serves up regular and new French delights with a contemporary curve at this rich place, one of Incenses’ numerous delectable eateries. Orderà la carte, or decide on a set menu, and don’t miss the starter of crab and cucumber with lime, wasabi jam, and a chilled lemongrass lobster juices.

Check out Place Drouet d’Erlon

This passerby just principle square in the core of the city is a prime area for some sustenance, a drink, some shopping, or a touch of touring. Notwithstanding a variety of bars, eateries, bistros, and shops, the square is additionally home to the Église St-Jacques, a medieval ward church, which is justified regardless of a view.

Genoa is a great Tourist Attraction

Genoa is one of the most visited places at Italy. The Genoa is also termed as the Capital of Culture. Genoa is situated at the Italy’s North West coast and is famous for its architecture. Genoa is famous for its artistic heritage. If you are planning your honeymoon at a place where you can enjoy the artistic heritage then Genoa is the best place for you to spend your honeymoon. Genoa is an important seaport of the Italy. You can enjoy here hot summers and cool humid winters. The city is rich in arts, music and history.

General information about Genoa

As the birthplace of Christopher Columbus, Genoa is one of the most impressive cities in Italy. Located along the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, it has a long history of maritime trad, and its grandeur can still be seen today. Eurail pass holders are sure to visit Genoa to experience not just its history but also its unique excellent cuisine, beautiful sights and its romantic seaport that witnessed the history of the Mediterranean Sea.

Population of Genoa

Population of Genoa region is 594,733.

Yearly tourist numbers in Genoa

Genoa has 7.79 million Tourists can travel yearly.

Short info about history

Genoa has a unique conformation: it is not surrounded by walls and has not a real periphery. It has developed absorbing the villages on the coast, on the west and on the east, in the XIX and XX centuries. The Great Genoa, in 1926, was formed by the annexation of the autonomous coastal municipalities: industrial areas such as Sestri Ponente, Voltri, Sanpierdarena or touristic resorts such as Nervi and Pegli. So, the today Genoa is formed by many different centres with their own character: the district of Pegli, for example, on the westernmost side, far from looking like a residential periphery, has historical villas and palaces similar to those you can find in the central Genoa, and the same can be said about the industrial district of Sanpierdarena.

Where is Genoa

Genoa is undoubtedly one of the most fascinating cities in Italy, because of its unique ability to join together a modern and technological aspect. Genoa is a port city of Italy and it is also the capital of northwest Italy’s Liguria region. It is identify for its central role in marine trade over many centuries.

Best Things to do in Genoa

A lot of things can be done in Genoa. First, for those museum buffs whose trip is incomplete without museum visits, there is the Galleria di Palazzo Bianco. It has a wide collection of Genoese, Flemish and French Painting done during the 12th to 17th century. The Galleria Nazionale di Palazzo Spinola is located at the former home of the Spinola family. The house itself has various antique collections of the family’s affluent lifestyle during the 17th century. Then, there is the Galata Museo del Mar, Museo di Sant’Agostino, Galleria di Palazzo Rosso and Museo d’Arte Orientale Eduardo Chiossone. To those wanting to visit the home of Genoa’s great explorer, La Casa di Cristoforo Colombo is just located within the city’s center.

Here is a short-list of area where visitors will want to visit if they travel to Genoa

Museums in Genoa

The museums of Genoa, present Museums are based on art, culture, science and nature, history. There are several museums such as:


  • Palazzo Rosso
  • Palazzo Bianco
  • Palazzo Tursi
  • Castello D’Albertis / Museum of World Cultures
  • Oriental Art Gallery “Edoardo Chiossone”


Historical buildings in Genoa

There are many Genoa’s most famous historical buildings. The old port area in Genoa is also house to a various fascinating historical building. Genoa city has many historical building such as

  • Walk on the sea Anita Garibaldi
  • Piazza De Ferrari
  • Porto Antico
  • The buildings at Strada Nuova
  • Piazza San Matteo


Genoa tourist attractions

Genoa is a great destination for a city smash, whether people want family outing or an artistic holiday. Genoa is a best tourist attraction. There are many tourist attractions in the Genoa city such as

  • Aquarium
  • Waterfront – Porto Antico
  • Bigo
  • Galata Museo Del Mare
  • Boat trips



Shopping in Genoa


Shopping in Genoa is not always inexpensive. If visitors go to several of the cities in the south then they will discover fashion provisions that are reasonably priced. Many items will cost less than they do in the UK there and there are abundance of bargains accessible. However, if visitors head to the north then they will discover that fashions are more exclusive purely and minimally because of the location of the stores. Depending on visitor’s passion for style, they might well purchase the attire anyway because of the status that comes with purchasing them in Genoa and the fact that the fashions are the hurtful edge.


Biggiest Malls in Genoa

There are several malls where visitors can shop the branded products.


  • Gruppo Coin
  • Fiumara
  • Ipercoop L’aquilone
  • Basko
  • di per di


Local Markets in Genoa


Travelers can find out the most famous local markets in Genoa where they can shop Local city products. There is some of the best Local market in Genoa such as:


  • Mercato Orientale
  • Consorzio Del Carmine Market
  • Ristorante Abbey Road Genoa
  • I Ricordi Mercatino dell’usato
  • Il Piccolo Lord


Nightlife in Genoa


The Genoa is sure to amaze you with its nightlife and it offers a quick access to restaurants. There are many family-friendly resorts, and Gibraltar boasts the most popular mountain in the world, from where visitors can On board of Genoa they will be offered a wide range of restaurants, bistros, and bars.


Practical Information about Genoa


Similar to Liguria, Genoa extends on a long and thin strip of land, for a distance of 30 KM from the westernmost to the easternmost spot. The historical city developed in the space between the two valleys Polcevera on the west and Bisagno on the east. This is the central and the thickest part in the town, characteristically fan-shaped, descending towards the sea from the fortresses and the walls on the hills.


Temperature in Genoa


Genoa have an average temperature of 20°C in summer and the coldest is 9°C with the most each day sunshine hours.

Capri is an amazing Tourist destination

Capri Island has been the encouraging source of exclusive architectures, outstanding culture, standard streets, pleasant cuisine and an extensive range of amusement. Among the most charming and captivating modern attractions of Italy, the mind blowing island of Capri is the top of the list that appeals a mass of tourists to book the cheap flights to Italy from all over the world and delight their relaxing vacations at their favorite destination. Although it covers about four square miles of area, the Italy tours are incomplete without have a full day at Capri. Whether just day-tripping from Naples or taking a full week in one of the profligate Capri island hotels, there is more than enough to entertain the most experienced travelers

General information about Capri

Most of the island of Capri resembles a larger than usual resort, and costs increment frequently. The superior places of the Capri Island is absolutely no secret – its peak time stays totally longer than most Mediterranean resorts and the hotels reservations get difficult between April through October. So, get your plan well in advance and book your tickets for the flights to Italy before time. It is advisable to get the lodging done with the air tickets as it tends to produce more discounts. Capri Island, Santorini and Ibiza have turned out to be outstanding vacationer destinations in the entire world. If you want to choose a different place that is quiet and peaceful to go on a vocation, then those numerous ordinary small islands are your best choice.

Population of Capri

Population of Capri Island is 7000 inhabitants.

Yearly tourist numbers in Capri

Capri has 52.4 million Tourists can travel yearly.

Short info about history

The Capri is the city in Italy where most of the hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops exist in. Here you may enjoy lovely walks, stay in a cafe for a limoncello cocktail, a local lemon flavored beverage, or stopover Villa Jovis, the remains of one of twelve villas built under during the first century. Focused on the Olympus Gods and distinguished as the Palazzo di Tiberio, legends and stories of the debased sovereign are so ubiquitous; you’d feel that he was still presiding in the tall cliffs. So, book now the flights to Italy and make splendid tour to Capri Island.

Where is Capri

Capri is an island in italy. Capri is famous for it is rugged landscape, shopping and luxuries hotels. It is also popular for its handmade leather sandals and limoncello.


Best Things to do in Capri

The good looks of the Capri Island is definitely no secret – its peak season stays radically longer than most Mediterranean resorts and the hotels reservations get difficult between April through October. So, get your plan well in advance and book your tickets for the flights to Italy before time. It is advisable to get the lodging done with the air tickets as it tends to produce more discounts. Most of the island of Capri resembles a curiously large resort, and costs increment subsequently.

Here is a short-list of area where visitors will want to visit if they travel to Capri

Museums in Capri

There are several museums in Capri such as:

  • Villa San Michele
  • Casa Rossa
  • Museo Ignazio Cerio
  • La Bottega dell’Arte di Sergio Rubino

Historical buildings in Capri

There are many Genoa’s most famous historical buildings. The old port area in Genoa is also house to a various fascinating historical building. Genoa city has many historical building such as

  • Walk on the sea Anita Garibaldi
  • Piazza De Ferrari
  • Porto Antico
  • The buildings at Strada Nuova
  • Piazza San Matteo

Capri tourist attractions

Capri is a great island for a city smash, whether visitors do family outing or it is an artistic holiday destination. Capri is a best tourist attraction. There are many tourist attractions in the Capri island such as:

  • The Blue Grotto
  • The Faraglioni
  • The Natural Arch
  • Punta Carena
  • The Piazzetta

Shopping in Capri

There are many things visitors can purchase in Capri Island such as knitted wear, jackets and bags, millinery, jewellery, leather footwear, knick-knacks, designer clothes, crystal and souvenirs and traditional frames.

Biggest Malls in Capri

There are several malls where visitors can shop the branded products.

  • Supermercati De Brioches Srl
  • Supermercati Decò
  • Umberto 1 square
  • Symposion S.R.L.
  • Supermercati De Brioches Srl

 Local Markets in Capri

Travelers can find out the most famous local markets in Capri where they can shop Local city items. There is some of the best Local market in Capri such as:

  • Carthusia
  • Ceramiche Tavassi
  • Eco Capri
  • The Sea Gull
  • Campanella di Capri

Nightlife in Capri

Italy has been the inspirational source of unique architectures, exceptional culture, classic streets, delightful cuisine and a wide range of entertainment. Among the most charming and captivating modern attractions of Italy, the mind blowing island of Capri is the top of the list that appeals a mass of tourists to book the cheap flights to Italy from all over the world and delight their relaxing vacations at their favorite destination.

Practical Information about Capri

The Capri is the city in Italy where most of the hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops exist in. Here you may enjoy lovely walks, stay in a cafe for a limoncello cocktail, a local lemon flavored beverage, or stopover Villa Jovis, the remains of one of twelve villas built under during the first century. The island of Capri is a standout amongst the most beautiful and went to places in Italy’s Gulf of Naples, which is celebrated for its rough scene, upscale shoreline resorts and top of the line shops offering carefully assembled calfskin shoes and mark limoncello alcohol. It’s flawless beauty has been described my many great writers in their poems which makes it all the more interesting and a perfect place to spend a vacation.

Temperature in Capri

Capri Island temperature is 26 ° C in June, July, and August in the summer, while the winter months of December, January, and February are the coldest at 9 ° C. There are often short thundershowers in the summer, particularly during the August month.

Best tourist destinations in Italy

Lake Como: One of the beautiful places in the world

  • General information about Lake Como

Lake Como’s stunning natural beauty and connections with the rich and famous have made it a popular luxury holiday destination since the Roman times. When you visit it is easy to see why.

The lakeside views are of some of the most breathtaking scenery Italy has to offer. The surrounding mountains of the Alps can remain snow capped even during the Summer months, whilst the villas lining the shore show off some of the best examples of Italian architecture. It’s no wonder Lake Como has been chosen as a film location on numerous occasions. You may recognise Como in the 2006 James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale.’

Lake Como is well known for the luxurious villas and gardens that are scattered around its shores. The Versace family, George Clooney and Richard Branson all have villas here. But theirs aren’t the ones you’ll want to explore. With Lake Como’s illustrious history, several villas still remain that offer a glance backward into another era. Today these villas and their gardens are maintained as museums and are the major attractions around the lake.

  • Population

According to the current survey: The Lake Como has a population of roughly 80,000 people and has Roman or pre Roman origins.

  • Yearly tourist numbers

The Yearly Tourism Survey presented that the tourists presence is almost reached the amount of approxiamately 50,000 travelers visit Lake Como every year and that number just increments as every year passes.

  • Short info about history

The whole locale of Lake Como was under a huge sheet of ice amid the last Ice Age, about 10,000 years back. The ‘topsy turvy Y’ state of the lake as we probably am aware it today, was really cut out of the mountains because of the moderate development of this tremendous ice sheet. The dislodged stones now found on the Bellagio projection which separate the two ‘legs’ of Como are confirmation of its enormous power.

Lake Como was famous with the close-by Milanese upper class and soon started to pull in different Europeans, (particularly the English) amid the seventeenth century. Ruler Caroline of England went by Lake Como in 1816 and remained in Cernobbio (only north of Como on the western branch of the lake), a region known for its excellent greenhouses.

  • Where is Lake Como

Lake Como is considered one of the diamonds in a tiara of lakes found approximately in Lombardy, northern Italy, 25 miles (40 km) north of Milan; it lies at a rise of 653 feet (199 m) in a melancholy encompassed by limestone and rock mountains that achieve a height of around 2,000 feet (600 m) in the south and in excess of 8,000 feet (2,400 m) in the upper east. The deepest lake in Europe, it rests between the granite mountains of the lower Alps, with its three fingers extending between the mountains as they rise up to the sky.

  • Best Things to do in Lake Como

Lake Como boasts some of the most sensational romantic vacation ideas and attractions, making it one of the world’s top travel destinations. Located in Lombardy, Italy, Lake Como is surrounded by charming seaside villages, scenic mountains, historic sites, and romantic gardens. This area is known as a mecca for the rich and famous due to its picturesque views, sub-tropical climate, and peaceful atmosphere. Enchanting stepped streets, cobblestone lanes, and narrow alleyways lead visitors through a terrain of old world ambiance, dotted with quaint shops, lakeside cafes, and majestic villas.

  • Museums
  • Villa Carlotta
  • the Gardens of Villa Melzi
  • Madonna del Ghisallo
  • Museum Moto Guzzi
  • Paul DEMARIA – The Open Lake & Landscape Studio d’Arte


  • Historical buildings
  • Villa del Balbianello
  • The Malgrate lakefront
  • Villa Carlotta
  • Basilica of Sant’Abbondio
  • Forte Montecchio Nord


  • Lake Como tourist attractions

Lake Como has a exacting consequence on tourists, best summed up in words like calming, relaxing, re-invigorating and still inspiring.

A trip to Lake Como allows couples to step into another world – a romantic wonderland that provides the perfect atmosphere to celebrate life, rekindle love, and focus on each other.

  • Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio
  • Castle of Vezio
  • Botanical Gardens – Hotel Villa Cipressi
  • Villa Erba
  • The Garden of the Valley


  • Shopping in Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy is home to some of the most wonderful Shopping malls and local markets on the planet. The northern Italy lakes are so wide-ranging in quality so as to it is alluring to speak that every they have in general are the background of the Alps as well as a convinced resemblance in lavish flowers or flora. They borders are criss-crossed by not simply of region but as well of state and each has its possess excited partisan, counting the a lot of writers ro philoshophers who have stayed or visited in the precedent. The town of Como is the largest on the Lake and provides the best a cosmopolitan town has to offer, whilst still retaining much of its historical character and beautiful architecture.

Here, we take a look at biggest malls and local markets:

  • Biggest Malls
  • Azalea – Silk of Como
  • Bellagioseta
  • Profumeria Bellagio
  • Paul DEMARIA – The Open Lake & Landscape Studio d’Arte
  • Ubik Como bookshop


  • Local Markets
  • Bellagio
  • Argegno
  • Bellano
  • Cernobbio
  • Colico


  • Nightlife in Lake Como

The main thing to be clear about is that Lake Como isn’t Ibiza, and its sort of clubbing nightlife is hard to discover at Lake Como. Despite the fact that Lake Como is all the more an ‘unwind and appreciate the view’ sort of occasion, there are some extraordinary clubs to be discovered where you can have a mojito and move the night away into the small little hours!

  • Angolo DiVino
  • Truth is found in wine
  • Aperitif Et Al Bar
  • Bellagio Lido
  • Bar-Gelateria La Cueva


  • Practical Info

Voyaging Lake Como by vessel is a moderate, nice strategy for movement absolutely without the car influxes and long passages that frequently torment the streets embracing the lake shores.

Lake Como is on Italy’s chief railway system, and trains run from Milan to Como regularly, captivating approximately 40 minutes. There is a straight bus service on or after Bergamo Airport to Lake Como.

The transports associate Como to every one of the towns in the region, and further on to Lecco, Bergamo and Varese.

  • Temperature

Lake Como with a normal temperature of 22°C (72°F) and the coldest is January at 4°C (39°F) with the most day by day daylight hours at 9 in July. The wettest month is June with a normal of 134mm of rain.

Equatorial Guinea Travel Guide

General Information of Equatorial Guinea

Where is Equatorial Guinea

Equatorial Guinea is one of the smallest countries of Africa located in West Africa, along the Atlantic Ocean. Cameroon to the north, Gabon to the south and east, Guinea gulf to the west and Sao Tome and Principe to the southwest.


Economy of Equatorial Guinea

The vast majority of the population is dealing with agriculture. In 1996, after the discovery of oil resources and the commencement of processing, the economic development of the country has been greatly influenced in recent years. As of 2004, Equatorial Guinea has become the third largest oil producer among Sub-Saharan African countries. Forestry, farming and fishing are also important factors in meeting the gross domestic product.


The rural economy deteriorated under the brutal regime when it gained lucrative gains from cocoa production before the country gained its independence, reducing the potential for agricultural development. Ownership of commercial corporations is mostly civil servants, civil servant family members. Untreated natural resources are titanium, iron, manganese, uranium and gold. The most important of export products is cacao. It makes 75 percent of its foreign trade with Spain. Spain is paying double the price paid for Equador Guinea’s cocoa on world markets, applying less customs duty.

Weather in Equatorial Guinea

It has a tropical dessert. The temperature average is around 26 ° C. In the country with abundant rainfall, the average annual rainfall varies from 2400 to 4600 mm. From June to August, Bioko lives in rainy season while the Rio Muni region is in dry season. The opposite is true in December and February. Temperatures in Bioko range from 16 to 33 degrees and temperatures in Rio Muni are around 27 degrees.


Provinces / Regions / Cities

Consists of 7 zones;

The Annobon,

Bioko Norte,

Bioko Sur,

Centro Sur,




Important cities of Equatorial Guinea

The capital Malabo is in the Fernando Po district, in the name of Bioko.

Rio Muni is the most important area on the Mainland.

Bata city here is another important city.

Annobon Island, located 600 km southwest of the mainland, is 17 km2 and not touristy.

Independence Day – October 12 (1968)


Spoken languages in Equatorial Guinea

The official languages ​​are Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Local languages ​​such as Fang, Bubi and Ibo are widely used.

English is also one of the spoken languages.

On the west coast there is a different English spoken by “Weskos”.

The most common African language in Rio Muni is Fang.

In Fernando Po, the Afro Portuguese language, Annobon, is spoken.

Religion of Equatorial Guinea

90 percent of the population is Catholic.

A small part of the population is Protestant,

Muslims and atheists.

Best time to visit Equatorial Guinea

Since you have an equatorial dessert, it is suitable for you to go to all periods. However, rainy seasons should be considered according to the destination. From June to August, the Bioko rainy season is experiencing the dry season of the Rio Muni region. December – February is the exact opposite situation. For this reason, the spring months, especially the spring season, are ideal for visiting both regions.


Equatorial Guinea Food, Cuisine / Dining / What to Eat and What to drink?

The country cuisine is made up entirely of the surrounding country dishes. Because they are an old colonial country, they are very impressed by Spain. The country cuisine is a mix of African cuisine and Spanish cuisine. There are many restaurants in the country for French, Asian, Chinese, Moroccan, European and local cuisines.

Practical informations

Photographing in airports, government buildings, military or strategic areas is strictly forbidden. Also because it is tropical air it is normally very hot, so you should opt for light clothing. It is very important that you do not keep electronic goods and expensive jewelers on your side while you are traveling around the country where theft is common due to the inequality in income distribution. Since there is no clean water source in the country, you should choose bottled water. All passengers aged 9 months to this country are advised to have 1 dose of yellow fever vaccine at least 10 days before departure. The vaccine has 10 years of protection.


In addition, an international vaccination certificate is required to show that all the journeys from a country where yellow fever disease has been observed have been vaccinated with yellow fever vaccine ten days before. The danger of malaria is present throughout the year throughout the country. Medoxin 250mg tablets weekly (1 week before going on a trip to get 1×250 mg tablets per week, starting 4 weeks before and after the trip) – Or Doxycycline 100mg capsules daily (1×100 per day) mg tablet is started 1 day before departure to travel, continuing 4 weeks after traveling and after traveling).

However, no protective drug treatment provides 100% protection against malaria. For this reason, some special precautions must be taken to protect against other illnesses that are transmitted from the stomach and from fly bites. You can take special precautions such as using insect repellents, sleeping with mosquito nets while sleeping in the night, fly coils, insect spray, wearing long clothing.

Important Points / Important Informations

The Equator Guinea is located near the city of Equador and in the Gulf of Guinea. It also has the title of being the smallest spanish-speaking country on earth. Equatorial Guinea is the smallest country of Africa in terms of population. It is also the smallest United Nations country in continental Africa.

Portofino: The Pride of Liguria Italy

  • General information about Portofino

Portofino is one of the most popular tourist cities in Italy that will really grab your attention. Portofino, The Pride of Liguria Italy and one simple yet memorable thing to do in Portofino is to walk around town, visiting the various artisan workshops. In these shops, you can witness how the exquisite patterns are done on the region’s notable product – the bobbin lace. To see the beautifully colored houses that reflect the maritime heritage of the town, stroll over to the port. While here, you can hire a boat to cruise through the gorgeous Gulf of Tigullio.

Portofino has some of Italy’s best museums, beautiful cathedrals, churches, and streets are equipped with buildings and elegant shops.

In the core of the Italian Riviera, on the Liguria Sea lies a beach front town with a quiet bow harbor with a slope of olive forests and little vineyards in its experience. It’s called Portofino.


  • Population

Just 500 individuals live in Portofino – angling families, shop proprietors, individuals with lodgings or eateries, and a couple of who work in Genoa. The elderly are roosted on the doorsteps, a significant number of the ladies doing lacework, the men gazing out at the ocean.

  • Yearly tourist numbers

Portofino is highlighted on numerous postal cards and the town itself is similarly as imagined: delightful fit as a fiddle and shading, its harbor supported by a piazza which thus is rimmed by small pastel houses, yellow, green and blue.

Portofino is one of the most beautiful tourists regions in Italy and with more than hundreds of travelers visit Portofino every year and that number just increments as every year passes.

  • Short info about history

As indicated by Pliny the Elder, Portofino was established by the Romans with the name of Portus Delphini in view of the considerable number of dolphins that populated its ocean.

Amid Longobardic master the city was possessions of Bobbio Abbey of Saint Colombanus, even as after 1229, jointly with each and every one Tigullio Gulf drift, it twisted out to be a portion of the Republic of Genoa. Since late nineteenth century Portofino and its drift are given to tourism.

Portofino was initially settled by the old Romans. In spite of the fact that very little is thought about the Roman settlement of the zone, it is trusted that the name for the zone originated from that era. The Romans initially named it Portus Delphini, which means Port of the Dolphins, so named as a result of the various dolphin families living in the adjacent waters.

  • Where is Portofino

Portofino town is situated in Liguria region, northwestern Italy. On the Riviera di Levante, it is arranged at the southeast end of the little projection of Portofino, which encases the Gulf of Rapallo on the west. A pleasant angling town with a little port at the leader of a gulf fixed with splendidly shading washed houses, Portofino has an overwhelming traveler activity.

Portofino is one of the lovely coastal villages in the Italian region of Liguria. Facing the Ligurian Sea and nestled on a crescent-shaped bay, the village’s port is a favorite destination for many luxury yachts.

  • Best Things to do in Portofino

Portofino has been inspiring travelers for thousands of years with its exhilarating combination of natural beauty and rich cultural heritage. Despite its small size Portofino has earned a reputation of being a splendid resort town. Its beauty and low-key vibe has been attracting many artists and prominent personalities, who are just yearning for a laidback and relaxing holiday.

  • Museums
  • Castello Brown
  • Historical Museum of the Risorgimento
  • Palazzo Rocca Civic Picture Gallery
  • Diocesan Museum of Sacred Art
  • Gallery Rizzi Museum
  • Historical buildings
  • 1st port
  • Cemetery
  • San Michele di Pagana
  • Camogli
  • The Abbey of San Fruttuoso
  • Portofino tourist attractions

The village may not have as many landmarks as other bigger tourist destination in Italy, however, it is a place where you can enjoy the serene and relaxing atmosphere of a charming Italian seaside village. Nevertheless, if you still the need to sightsee, Portofino is has a couple of outstanding attractions. These days, you can still find some relics brought by sailors after they participated in the Crusades. If you walk outside the churchyard called parvis, you will get an amazing panorama of the sea.

  • Portofino Taxi Boat
  • Outdoor Portofino
  • Portofino Marine Protected Area
  • Piazza Martiri Dell’Olivetta
  • Portofino Lighthouse
  • Shopping in Portofino

Portofino is a satisfying and peaceful angling town on the northwestern bank of Italy. It is an exceptionally mainstream goal for visitors both residential and global. One thing that Italians know is style, which is the reason the nation has a portion of the best shopping on the planet. Portofino is no special case that manage, here are a portion of the best places to shop while you are going to the waterfront town.

  • Biggest Malls
  • Harmont & Blaine
  • Mingo
  • Brunetto Tiziano
  • Gennaker
  • Boutique L’ancora di Anastasio Marisa
  • Local Markets
  • Loro Piana
  • Mingo
  • Brunetto Tiziano
  • Missoni
  • Gold For Ever
  • Nightlife in Portofino

People who are looking at their available options within the city will find the Murano at Portofino to be one of the top luxury condos within the region today. Portofino with the style, the beach, the night life, the history, and its world famous restaurants is a perfect place for anyone who wants the best to call home. Here you may purchase modest condos and ultra luxury condos. Nightlife in Portofino is packed in and around Molo Umberto and Piazzetta where restrictive bars and eateries offer the appeal and uniqueness of a city that has transformed into a most-adored occasion resort. Let us take a look at some night life in the Portofino that has great views:

  • Bar Morena
  • Winterose Wine bar
  • Il Molo: Bar & Bathing Establishment
  • Magazin
  • Chuflay Bar
  • Practical Info

Portofino is situated around 45km east of Genoa on the eastern extend of the Italian Riviera. Genoa is the center point for all transportation along the Italian Riviera and from Genoa to Portofino voyagers have a decision of movement via prepare or ship. Portofino is additionally effectively reachable from Rome via prepare. Portofino is today a standout amongst the most prevalent ocean side resorts along the Riviera and an advantageous half-day outing.

  • Temperature

With a normal of 22.5 °C, July is the hottest month. In January, the normal temperature is 6.0 °C. It is the least normal temperature of the entire year.

Rome: City of Artistic Masterpieces and Marvelous Architecture

  • General information about Rome

Rome is the capital and largest city in Italy. Ancient Rome is known for its religious history and art, city has got some of the best landmarks, galleries, churches and architecture; your trip in Rome, Italy will take you back to ancient era.


A tour to Italy is supposed to be imperfect without staying or visiting Rome. Known as the “Eternal City”, Rome is home to several artistic masterpieces and marvelous architecture, museums and not forgetting monuments.

Visitors will instantly be able to get a feel of the culture Rome holds by simply walking along the streets and observing Italian lifestyle. Those interested in Italian history will in particular enjoy a visit to Rome as it presents ample opportunities to discover the rich and complex layers of history of the majestic city.


The centuries of histories which have built this city can be said to begin from time of the Roman empire, extending to the Medieval, Renaissance and the modern period that we know see Rome in. Rome has much to offer for everyone, regardless of interest.

  • Population

As per the survey conduct the population of Rome is estimated at approx 2,869,461, but this is only the city proper. The metropolitan area has a populace of 3.8 million, with up to 4.3 million living in the metropolitan area. The city proper has a density of 2,232 people per square km.

  • Yearly Tourist Numbers

The Current Tourism Survey Estimated that the tourists presence is almost reached the amount of approxiamately 4.2 million travelers visit Rome every year and that number just increments as every year passes.

  • Short info about history

Rome, a memorable city and capital of Roma area of Lazio district, and of the nation of Italy. It is established in April 753 BC. It is a cosmopolitan city with almost 3,000 years of all inclusive compelling craftsmanship, design and culture in plain view. Rome was the last city-state to wind up some portion of a bound together Italy, and it did as such just under pressure, after the attack of Italian troops in 1870.


Lingering behind Milan and Turin monetarily, Rome has kept up a fringe put inside the Italian and European economies. It additionally has been tormented with enduring lodging deficiencies and activity blockage. Be that as it may, the late twentieth and mid 21st centuries conveyed expanded endeavours to determine Rome’s infrastructural issues and to encourage a Roman social restoration.

  • Where is Rome

Rome is situated in the focal part of the Italian landmass, on the Tiber River around 24 km inland from the Tyrrhenian Sea. It is found 41.89 scope and 12.51 longitude and it is arranged at height 52 meters above ocean level.

  • Best Things to do in Rome

Rome is such an old and thick place that organizing attractions can be overpowering. Where do you begin, for sure? We’ve pulled together a rundown of world-acclaimed locales and lesser-known goals that will furnish you with the full range of remarkable encounters the Italian capital brings to the table.


Rome is ancient city where art, culture, architecture, tradition resides that is why called heritage city. It was the hub of western civilization where the rulers ruled. Rome was just like a metro city as today in that period. Till today you can find the ruins of western civilization. Ancient catholic church still exists and Christians from all over the world come to offer prayer in this church. This church is known as St. Peter’s Basilica church.

Here are some of the museums and historical buildings to see and do in this amazing place.

  • Museums:
  • Vatican museums.
Vatican Museum
  • Gallaria Borghese.
  • Palazzo Altemps.
  • National Etruscan Museum.
  • Gallaria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna.
  • Gallaria Nazionale d’Arte Antica.
  • Maxxi.
  • Museo di Roma.
  • Centrale Montemartini.
  • Museum Contemporary Art of Rome.
  • Jewish Museum of Rome.
  • Museum and Crypt of the Capuchin Friars.
  • Historical Buildings
  • Foro Romano.
  • Piazza Venezia.
  • Colosseum.
  • Roman Forum.
  • St. Peter’s Basilica.
  • Castle Sant’Angelo.
  • Trevi Fountain.
  • Piazza Navona.
  • Spanish Steps.
  • St. John in the Lateran.
  • Altare Della Patria.
  • Pantheon.
  • Ostia Antica Archaeological Park.
  • Rome Tourist attractions

Rome is a city full of exciting things to see and do, however, like many other cities around the world there are tourist traps. In the event that you intend to see Rome all alone, you may soon discover that you are not going to every one of the spots that are critical to you for a substantial assortment of reasons including dialect obstructions, not knowing your path, and obviously, you are going in the traveler territories.


Rome is where trust springs endless. It is a city that is glad for its old grand legacy, a city that once extended its domain all through Europe, Africa and Asia. Rome is a city splashed in history and Christianity.

  • Appian Way.
  • National Roman Museum.
  • Victor Emmanuel II Monument.
  • Piazza Del Popolo.
  • Santa Maria Trastevere.
  • Ostia Antica.
  • Palatine Hill.
  • San Giovanni in the Laterano.
  • Baths of Caracalla.
  • Villa Farnesina.
  • Basilica di santa Maria Maggiore.
  • Sant Peter’s Square.
  • Shopping In Rome

Shopping in Rome is awesome, regardless of on the off chance that you are scanning for high fashion, collectibles, or a deal. A portion of the greatest names in Italian form—Valentino, Fendi, Bulgari—hail from Rome and you will discover their leader stores, and also boutiques by Cavalli, Armani, Versace, Prada, Ferragamo, Gucci, and numerous others along the lattice of avenues close to the Spanish Steps.


  • Biggest Malls
  • Euroma2
  • Galleria Alberto Sordi
  • Centro Commerciale La Romanina
  • Centro Commerciale I Granai
  • Happio
  • Shopping Mall Porta di Roma
  • Centro Commerciale Primavera
  • Castel Romano Designer Collatina
  • Centro Commerciale Roma Est
  • Rinascente Roma Tritone
  • Local Shopping Markets
  • Via Del Corso
  • Porta Portese flea Market
  • Via Cola di Rienzo
  • Via Condotti & Spanish Steps
  • Borghetto Flaminio Market
  • Fontanella Borghese Market
  • Campo Di Fiori
  • San Cosimato Market
  • Campagna Amica Market
  • La Soffitta Sotto I Portici Market
  • Nightlife in Rome

When you need to have a decent time and in a gathering mind-set, local people in Rome truly be acquainted with how to party. Regardless of whether into the club or essentially a lay back wine pub where we can pass on a glass of wine to a few companions.


  • Fluid
  • Akab
  • Freni E Frzioni
  • Shari Vari Playhouse
  • Vinile
  • Salotto 42
  • K- Club
  • Porto Fluviale
  • Le Mura
  • La Cabala
  • Goa
  • Qube
  • Practical Info of Rome

The system of transports, cable cars, metro and trains covers the entire city from 5.30am to around midnight, and night transports assume control until around 5am, covering the primary courses. The metro just has two lines, yet is the most effortless and quickest approach to get around. The transport benefit is modest and dependable; though ease back because of movement clog.

  • Temperature:

Temperature of Venice during summer: Summer has a hot and humid weather with max temperatures around 28 to 32 degree Celsius.

Temperature of Venice during winter: Winter is not a terribly cold season as rarely the temperature falls around 2 to 10 degree Celsius.