Lake Como: One of the beautiful places in the world

  • General information about Lake Como

Lake Como’s stunning natural beauty and connections with the rich and famous have made it a popular luxury holiday destination since the Roman times. When you visit it is easy to see why.

The lakeside views are of some of the most breathtaking scenery Italy has to offer. The surrounding mountains of the Alps can remain snow capped even during the Summer months, whilst the villas lining the shore show off some of the best examples of Italian architecture. It’s no wonder Lake Como has been chosen as a film location on numerous occasions. You may recognise Como in the 2006 James Bond movie ‘Casino Royale.’

Lake Como is well known for the luxurious villas and gardens that are scattered around its shores. The Versace family, George Clooney and Richard Branson all have villas here. But theirs aren’t the ones you’ll want to explore. With Lake Como’s illustrious history, several villas still remain that offer a glance backward into another era. Today these villas and their gardens are maintained as museums and are the major attractions around the lake.

  • Population

According to the current survey: The Lake Como has a population of roughly 80,000 people and has Roman or pre Roman origins.

  • Yearly tourist numbers

The Yearly Tourism Survey presented that the tourists presence is almost reached the amount of approxiamately 50,000 travelers visit Lake Como every year and that number just increments as every year passes.

  • Short info about history

The whole locale of Lake Como was under a huge sheet of ice amid the last Ice Age, about 10,000 years back. The ‘topsy turvy Y’ state of the lake as we probably am aware it today, was really cut out of the mountains because of the moderate development of this tremendous ice sheet. The dislodged stones now found on the Bellagio projection which separate the two ‘legs’ of Como are confirmation of its enormous power.

Lake Como was famous with the close-by Milanese upper class and soon started to pull in different Europeans, (particularly the English) amid the seventeenth century. Ruler Caroline of England went by Lake Como in 1816 and remained in Cernobbio (only north of Como on the western branch of the lake), a region known for its excellent greenhouses.

  • Where is Lake Como

Lake Como is considered one of the diamonds in a tiara of lakes found approximately in Lombardy, northern Italy, 25 miles (40 km) north of Milan; it lies at a rise of 653 feet (199 m) in a melancholy encompassed by limestone and rock mountains that achieve a height of around 2,000 feet (600 m) in the south and in excess of 8,000 feet (2,400 m) in the upper east. The deepest lake in Europe, it rests between the granite mountains of the lower Alps, with its three fingers extending between the mountains as they rise up to the sky.

  • Best Things to do in Lake Como

Lake Como boasts some of the most sensational romantic vacation ideas and attractions, making it one of the world’s top travel destinations. Located in Lombardy, Italy, Lake Como is surrounded by charming seaside villages, scenic mountains, historic sites, and romantic gardens. This area is known as a mecca for the rich and famous due to its picturesque views, sub-tropical climate, and peaceful atmosphere. Enchanting stepped streets, cobblestone lanes, and narrow alleyways lead visitors through a terrain of old world ambiance, dotted with quaint shops, lakeside cafes, and majestic villas.

  • Museums
  • Villa Carlotta
  • the Gardens of Villa Melzi
  • Madonna del Ghisallo
  • Museum Moto Guzzi
  • Paul DEMARIA – The Open Lake & Landscape Studio d’Arte


  • Historical buildings
  • Villa del Balbianello
  • The Malgrate lakefront
  • Villa Carlotta
  • Basilica of Sant’Abbondio
  • Forte Montecchio Nord


  • Lake Como tourist attractions

Lake Como has a exacting consequence on tourists, best summed up in words like calming, relaxing, re-invigorating and still inspiring.

A trip to Lake Como allows couples to step into another world – a romantic wonderland that provides the perfect atmosphere to celebrate life, rekindle love, and focus on each other.

  • Church of Santa Maria del Tiglio
  • Castle of Vezio
  • Botanical Gardens – Hotel Villa Cipressi
  • Villa Erba
  • The Garden of the Valley


  • Shopping in Lake Como

Lake Como, Italy is home to some of the most wonderful Shopping malls and local markets on the planet. The northern Italy lakes are so wide-ranging in quality so as to it is alluring to speak that every they have in general are the background of the Alps as well as a convinced resemblance in lavish flowers or flora. They borders are criss-crossed by not simply of region but as well of state and each has its possess excited partisan, counting the a lot of writers ro philoshophers who have stayed or visited in the precedent. The town of Como is the largest on the Lake and provides the best a cosmopolitan town has to offer, whilst still retaining much of its historical character and beautiful architecture.

Here, we take a look at biggest malls and local markets:

  • Biggest Malls
  • Azalea – Silk of Como
  • Bellagioseta
  • Profumeria Bellagio
  • Paul DEMARIA – The Open Lake & Landscape Studio d’Arte
  • Ubik Como bookshop


  • Local Markets
  • Bellagio
  • Argegno
  • Bellano
  • Cernobbio
  • Colico


  • Nightlife in Lake Como

The main thing to be clear about is that Lake Como isn’t Ibiza, and its sort of clubbing nightlife is hard to discover at Lake Como. Despite the fact that Lake Como is all the more an ‘unwind and appreciate the view’ sort of occasion, there are some extraordinary clubs to be discovered where you can have a mojito and move the night away into the small little hours!

  • Angolo DiVino
  • Truth is found in wine
  • Aperitif Et Al Bar
  • Bellagio Lido
  • Bar-Gelateria La Cueva


  • Practical Info

Voyaging Lake Como by vessel is a moderate, nice strategy for movement absolutely without the car influxes and long passages that frequently torment the streets embracing the lake shores.

Lake Como is on Italy’s chief railway system, and trains run from Milan to Como regularly, captivating approximately 40 minutes. There is a straight bus service on or after Bergamo Airport to Lake Como.

The transports associate Como to every one of the towns in the region, and further on to Lecco, Bergamo and Varese.

  • Temperature

Lake Como with a normal temperature of 22°C (72°F) and the coldest is January at 4°C (39°F) with the most day by day daylight hours at 9 in July. The wettest month is June with a normal of 134mm of rain.


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