Sardinia: Island of Romance and History

  • General information about Sardinia

Sardinia is the second largest Mediterranean island and is frequently referred to as a true paradise. The stunning or eye catching coastline and emerald seas surround the forested, rugged and wild interior of the island. Full of romance, nature, and excellent hospitality the island builds the perfect option for an memorable romantic holiday.

The area is rich in its culture and history and is has superb scenic coastlines. The Sardinia vacation nightlife has a traditional Italian feel about it and is made up of mainly small bars and romantic restaurants.

Sardinia is an Island off Italy that is a popular holiday destination with tourists staying in holiday rentals. Many families like to rent holiday villas and self catering holiday apartments in Sardinia as holiday accommodation.

Olbia Sardinia

  • Population

According to the Current survey the population of Sardinia is estimated approximately 17.6 Lakhs.

  • Yearly tourist numbers

The tourist’s presence in Sardinia is approximately reached 371 thousands tourists Arrivals visits Sardinia every year.

  • Short info about history

Sardinia has a colorful and interesting history which spans back thousands of years to when it was founded by the early Phoenicians in the 7th century. Evidence of this rich heritage can be found all around town on the streets, in murals on buildings and in the smiles of the friendly locals who are immensely proud of their famous seaport town. This well known seaport which handles over 50 million tones of imports and exports every year is located on the southern half of Sardinia. It is a large commercial centre which houses a work-force of over 3000 employees.

Sardinia was occupied by Rome in 238 BC, after the fall of the Roman Empire Sardinia was overruled by first the Vandals and then the Byzantines. From the 11th to the 14th century, the Genoese and Pisans battled each other for control of the island. The Spanish overrun Sardinia until the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, which conceded the island to Austria. In 1720 it became part of the Kingdom of Sardinia and came under the rule of the house of Savoy. When the Kingdom of Italy was created in 1861 the Kingdom of Sardinia came to an end.

  • Where is Sardinia

Sardinia is an island nestled between Africa to the south, Corsica to the north, Italy to the east and Spain to the west. The east coast shores are lapped by the Tyrrhenian Sea and the west coast by the Mediterranean ocean.

Sardinia is one of the most popular places to visit in Italy. An island set off to the west of the mainland, it has many beaches, towns and villages that are worth seeing. It also has a wide range of archaeological sites to explore if you are so inclined. As you can see there are lots of reasons to leave your villa in Sardinia in favor of exploring somewhere different every day.

  • Best Beaches Sardinia

The beaches in Sardinia are stunning, stretches of majestic white sand meeting crystal clear blue green water, clean and tranquil, perfect for a long beach holiday. The beaches of Sardinia can get busy in peak holiday times but go out of peak time, even as late as June and you’ll be lucky to find more than ten people on the beach for company. Most beaches have a little beach café or two alongside offering very good food, beer or coffee at very reasonable prices.

Poetto Beach Sardinia

  • Poetto Beach: Poetto Beach, close to Cagliari, is one of the most popular with locals and tourists alike. Poetto has the ubiquitous white sandy shores lapped by turquoise waters – perfect for both sunbathing and water sports.

Le Bombarde Beach Sardinia

  • La Bombarde Beach: Over on the west coast, close to the town of Alghero, the clean and well-kept La Bombarde Beach is a delightful hidden gem. Crowds are not part of the scenery here and, while there is a lively vibe, the beach is always very relaxed with plenty of space to spread out.

Picinas Dunes Beach Sardinia

  • Picinas Dunes: Picinas Dunes is an additional of the island’s eye-catching beaches and populace on vacations or holidays to Sardinia stay close to Arbus should absolutely pay it a visit.

Spiaggia Del Principe Sardinia

  • Spiaggia del Principe: Spiaggia del Principe beachside paradise is ideal for spotting fish and snorkeling around the shallow waters. The long golden sands are perfect for sunbathing and the beach is free.

Cala Luna Beach Sardinia

  • Cala Luna: This may not be the easiest beach to get to in Sardinia but the journey is well worth the effort. The beach consistently comes up as one of the best ones on the entire island, so if your villa in Sardinia happens to be nearby, take the time to visit for a day at least.
  • Best Things to do in Sardinia

Sardinia is one of those rare holiday places to find, an un-spoilt territory with beautiful scenery, stunning beaches and great facilities that attracts hordes of Italian tourists each year and lesser numbers of British and Germans but has managed to keep its integrity and culture and not succumb to the temptation to build monstrous high rise hotel blocks, all clamoring to reach the sun. Sardinia is the perfect place for family holidays.

Sardinia, a small continent in the middle of the Mediterranean, is the perfect place for a beach holiday. There are many other things to do on this island, from mountain hikes to culture-rich towns, Museums and historic sites. The main draw though, is the beautiful Museums and historic buildings, which have been drawing people here for generations. Here are some of the museums and historical buildings to see and they are:

  • Museums
  • Ferruccio Barreca Municipal Archaeological Museum (Sant’Antioco)
  • Museum of Mining Art (Iglesias)
  • Museo Etnografico Galluras (Luras)
  • Museum of Art Station (Maria Lai) (Ulassai)
  • Museo del Carbone (Carbonia)


  • Historical buildings
  • Su Zurfuru Mine (Fluminimaggiore)
  • The Belvedere of Nebida (Iglesias)
  • Santa Cristina Archaeological Area (Paulilatino Oristano)
  • Nuraghe Arrubiu (Orroli)
  • Nuraghe Sant’Antine (Torralba)
  • Sardinia tourist attractions

The island is recognized as the second biggest in the Mediterranean Sea and is the boundary separating Spain and Italy. It also happens to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of Italy. Whether you’re planning a quiet, romantic getaway cocooned in a quaint villa in Sardinia, or a fun-filled weekend with family or friends, the island offers you a perfect escape from bustling cities and highly industrialized regions that can mar the beauty of some Italian regions

Chia Laguna Sardinia

Here are the top 5 tourist hotspots that you will want to include in journey:

  • Cagliari
  • Alghero
  • La Maddalena
  • The Beaches
  • Santa Teresa Gallura

Shopping in Sardinia

Many people choose to take holidays to Sardinia for the perfect combination of great weather, fabulous beaches and wonderful food. The island also offers visitors the chance to experience a part of Italy like no other. Very much untouched by tourists, this lovely island retains much of its authentic Italian charm and character.

Sardinia is a traditional place where locals still go about their daily business without too much interference from tourists on holiday. Many holiday resorts close down for the winter, not so Sardinia. The winter months see business very much as usual with the fishing boats still coming in and going out daily and the shepherds still tending their flocks in the mountains.

There are many Shopping malls and Markets in Sardinia:

  • Biggest Malls
  • San Benedetto market (Cagliari)
  • Museum of Cork (Calangianus)
  • Municipal Gallery of Modern Art (Cagliari)
  • Durke (Cagliari)
  • Davide Sessa Artisan Pellettiere (Pula)


  • Local Markets
  • Central Market (Alghero)
  • Harrods Porto Cervo
  • The Gelateria Dell’angolo (Palau)
  • Enoteca Biondi 1959 (Cagliari)
  • Enoteca dotvini (San Sperate)
  • Nightlife in Sardinia

Sardinia offers fabulous Night life in awe-inspiring cities and fascinating little towns, a glorious variety of countryside and coastline, and some of the finest food and wine served anywhere.

The sound of rushing air for a fraction of a second, the cold seeping into your skin like the breath of life and then the first gulp of crisp air as you break through the surface and float on the calm, cool water. Sounds brilliant right? Well Sardinia is the place that you can experience this around the world.

The Best Places to enjoy Night life in Sardinia are:

  • Water (Alghero)
  • The Duke Cocktail Lounge Bar (La Maddalena)
  • Phi Beach disco (Baia Sardinia)
  • Maracaibo Cocktail Bar (Alghero)
  • Temple Wine Bar (Oristano)
  • Practical Info

Sardinia has three main airports, in Cagliari, Alghero, and Olbia – all have direct flights to major cities all around the world.  Furthermore, here at Sardinia there are numerous Access points to Island by transport from different cities or towns in Italy that include Livorno, Genoa, Palermo and Naples. With the help of this information it is very easy for you to plan a whole Journey and make estimations of your budget – whether take a tour by Ship from another Italian City or receiving a straight Flight. After you have reach on this Island, You should also well know or familiarize by the best ways to reach around. You can easily tour on foot to other Smaller Islands in Italy but Sardinia is one of the best and popular explored by means of rental motorcycle or car. You can also travel by bus.

  • Temperature

The average climate of Sardinia is range between 12°C and 17°C with Max temp reaching 22°C by the end of the season.



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