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Ibiza, Spain

General information about Ibiza

Ibiza which is known for its nightclubs has developed a reputation as a partygoer’s paradise. However, there is more to this place than just the nightclubs. These islands are closest to mainland Spain amongst all the Balearic Islands and they offer a 200 km coastline. This coastline covers some spectacular coves and beaches.

Eivissa (Ibiza Town) is the capital of Ibiza. This island is located on the south eastern coast and offers some amazing beachfront resorts and nightlife destinations. Ibiza islands are quite popular amongst the tourist. It is quite difficult to find accommodation here during the peak season of July to August. And along with hotels, this place also offers private villas on rent.

Pool Party in ibiza

These islands, along with beaches offer almond, fig and olive groves, pine forests, salt lakes & multiple historic buildings and constructions. This place is known for its chic bars and fabulous restaurants. And not just the places to eat, these islands also house some beautiful cathedrals and old stone cottages.  Ibiza as such is home to 110000 residents. The main source of revenue for this place is generated via tourism. And why not, this place receives 300 days of sunshine and has a Mediterranean type of climate followed with a cool breeze which flows throughout, along with pristine blue waters and fine golden sand, making it the perfect sport for tourists looking forward to relaxing! In fact, in the year 2017, this place attracted 3.2 million tourists.

Ibiza, as such is populated by Romans, Arabs, Spanish and Phoenicians. Initially, these islands were isolated and hence the residents were quite poor. Most of the islanders were involved in farming, fishing and craftsmanship. However, this changed completely when tourists started pouring in to the islands. This place has a strong Catholic influence.

When it comes to the history, these islands began as a port town in the year 654 BC. Founded by Phoenicians, these islands produced dyes, salt, fish sauce and wool. However, these islands saw a decline in power and the Carthage laid siege to them. Later these islands were captured by the romans and were used as imperial outposts during the Punic war. Ibiza had also been conquered by Vandals, Byzantines & Moors. In fact, Moors brought in the Berber settlers, converting the town to Islam. This was followed by the invasion of the Norwegian king Sigurd in the year 1110, which was later followed by the invasion of the Aragonese King James in 1235. James started deporting Muslims and began importing Christians, in line with his Christian mindset. In 1348, these islands were struck with black plague, reducing the local population to 500. Again the same disease stuck the islands in 1652, reducing the population drastically. In 1715, Spanish King Philip V took hold of these islands and imposed strict rules with regards to language and religion. In the 18th and the 19th century, the catholic churches ran the affairs of Ibiza and thus built churches around the town. However, little did the pitiful conditions of the people change, till tourism started flourishing here in the 1930s. In the next 20 years, this place developed from a backwater destination to a major beach resort. In the 1970s these islands attracted builders and tourism workers and this transformed the face of the island.

Where is Ibiza

Ibiza islands are located off the eastern coast of Spain in the Mediterranean Sea. It is approx. 150 kilometers away from Valencia and is 475 meters above sea level at its highest point.

Best beaches in Ibiza

Ibiza Beaches Map
Ibiza Beaches Map

This Spanish island boasts of some of the best and the cleanest beaches in the world. The top beaches on this white island are-

1)      CalaJondal: This place, which is frequently visited by celebs, is a beautiful little cove which has the famous Blue Marlin club. People visit this place to enjoy its white beaches, sip cocktail and admire its lush green hills which surround the beach.

Cala Jondal Ibiza

2)      CalaD’Hort: This beach, which is known for its beautiful water and chiringuitos has a 400 metre tall El Vedra rock structure which is an absolute spectacle. This is one more place where people can go to, to enjoy drinks by the bay side. Here, people can indulge in water sports, and snorkeling is something which is a must do at this beach. Legend has it that this place is most magnetic in the world.

Cala D'Hort Beach Ibiza

3)      Ses Salines: This beach is one of the world’s best beaches in the world. This beach is surrounded by a natural park having the same name as this beach. The water at this beach practically is the most ideal spot for bathing as it experiences no waves. Just like most other beaches, people can enjoy some tasty sea food and cocktails by the beach.

Ses Salines Beach Ibiza

4)      Talamanca: This is a pale yellow coloured 900 m long stretch surrounded by turquoise blue water. This place is a couple of miles away from the Ibiza town and hence most frequently visited by tourists. This place, thanks to its large tourist influx, has some of the best bars of the country. And while at most beaches, the only thing on offer is the sea food, this beach offers multiple cuisines from across Europe.

Talamanca Beach Ibiza
Talamanca Beach Ibiza

5)      Cala Xuclár: This beach is a secluded and a small beach with no flashy beach bars and watersport options. However, what sets this beach apart is the aroma of pine forests and the red and pink rocks which form a beautiful landscape.

cala xuclar beach ibiza
Cala Xuclar Beach Ibiza

6)      Sa Caleta: This beach is sheltered by red coloured cliffs which looks magnificent. The water at this beach is gentle and shallow and it makes for a great family outing. Along the beach, there is a restaurant which goes by the same name and offers some superb Mediterranean cuisine.


7)      CalaBenirras: this beach is one of the best places to party in Ibiza. Here, one can continuously hear live music which is played by the local musicians. Here too, one can find some cool chiringuitos a further inland.


8)      Cala Conta: This small beach has a rocky coastline with carved flat platforms. This place is perfect for those who love the sea, but hate the sand. Once you are done enjoying the beach, you can go to one of the restaurants atop the cliff and enjoy the marvelous wide lens sea view.

Cala Conta Beach Ibiza
Cala Conta Beach

9)      Las Salinas: This place is a paradise for hip, young party-going crowd. This place has atmospheric beach bars and double bed styled sun loungers, which makes for a perfect recipe for relaxing and partying.

Las Salinas Beach Ibiza
Las Salinas Beach Ibiza

10)  Cala Tarida: This beach is a place with all the amenities, entertainment and games, where a family can plan their outing. Here, at this beach, along with the beautiful white sand and beautiful water, people can indulge in beach sports like volleyball, water skiing and diving.

Cala Tarida Beach Ibiza
Cala Tarida Beach

11)  Es Portitxol: This unspoilt pebble beach is quite a secluded place which can be reached after a long walk through the pine forests. This beach is so secluded, it is difficult to find food here, and hence it is advisable to carry your own supply.

Es Portitxol Beach Ibiza
Es Portitxol Beach

12)  Cala D’en Serra: This beach is a gem, where on one side there are little boathouses, having their gangways down to the aqua marine sea, and on the other side there are rocky rugged cliffs which shape along the curved bay. Along the beach, there are beach huts which serve simple and healthy dishes.

Cala D'en Serra Ibiza
Cala D’en Serra

Best Things to do in Ibiza

There are plenty of things to do in Ibiza apart from the beaches. Ibiza is a place which also has a long history and some of the best things to do in Ibiza are-

1)      Ibiza Museum of Contemporary Art: This museum features some of the best works of internationally renowned artists. Along with artworks, this place also showcases temporary exhibits which are excellent. This museum in itself is a beautiful historic building restored with glass floors.

2)      Ibiza Castle: This castle is located in the Old town Ibiza. This castle is located on top of a hill and is surrounded by a citadel, Governor’s house and 12 towers. This 12th-century sand-colored fortress has a mix of medieval and Islamic architecture, reminding one of the ancient era.

3)      Puig des Molins Necropolis: This directly translates into a hill of windmills. This place is considered as one of the world’s finest remains of the Punic culture and consists of 3000 tombs. Here, small caves and graves have been found with baked mud, jewelry, coins and figures.

Ibiza tourist attractions

Apart from visiting the beaches and soaking up the sun, there are lots of things to do in Ibiza like visiting historical sites to going to the eerie caves and many more. Some of the best tourist attractions on offer include-

1)      Dalt Vila: This old town located over a hill is contained within walls looking out into the sea. The views from this place are stunning and it consists of cobbled streets and numerous windings. This place has a beautiful cathedral at the top, along with offering some fantastic areas to shop and eat.

2)      TeatroPeyreyra: This historic building was built in 1898 and is Ibiza’s first theatre. This place plays host to live music and has hosted varieties of musicians over the years. This venue is moody and dark and is draped in red-velvets and chandeliers. It makes up for a perfect setting to enjoy late night music over drinks.

3)      C’anMarça Caves: These caves were originally used by smugglers to hide their illegal wares. Now, these caves are filled with stalagmites & stalactites and they offer a stunning view.

4)      Aquarium Cap Blanc: This place which is also referred to Lobster cave is located in a natural cave which was used as a lobster nursery some years back. Due to the naturalistic environment and the quality of water, this place houses some rescued turtles. Apart from the Turtles, this place houses some exotic marine life.

5)      Punta d’esMoscarter lighthouse. This lighthouse is located in the remote northern tip and is surrounded by Pine forests and farmland. This 52 meter structure was built in 1970 and is the tallest structure made by man on this island.

6)      SesSelinas: This natural park is a UNESCO heritage site. It is made up of 75 % water and houses different types of vegetation likePosidonia oceanic. This park has 177 plant and 210 bird species.One can simply view the place which consists of white beaches, foliage, birds, marshes and lagoons by walking or renting a bike

Shopping in Ibiza

Shopping in Ibiza
Shopping in Ibiza

Ibizan markets typically offer artisan products which ranges from colourful clothes to handmade accessories &jewellery to leather and household items. Some of the famous local markets in Ibiza are-

1)      Benirrás Market which works on Tuesdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays from May to October: In this market, one can buy arts & craft, souvenirs and hippie clothes

2)      CalaLlonga Market which works on Thursdays from May to October: This market is known for its clothing, jewellery, belts and local artisan products.

3)      Las Dalias Market which works on Saturdays from April to October, on Mondays & Tuesdays from June to September and on Sundays in August: This market is one of the best markets in Ibiza. Here, locals sell everything from jewellery to shoes to clothing. This market offers an amazing experience through live music, performances, & art and mint tea.

4)      Punta Arabí Market which works on Wednesdays from April to October: This market sells fruits and vegetables along with fabrics, handicrafts and accessories.

5)      SantJordiFleamarket –which works on Saturdays: This all year round market sells antiques & second-hand clothing and is quite popular amongst tourists and locals.

Nightlife in Ibiza

Ibiza is the best destination for parties

The nightlife at Ibiza is quite exciting and diverse to that of Europe. Here, people from different lifestyles and age group throng the clubs, irrespective of their wallet size and dress. There are multiple bars on this island and some of the famous ones include Gay Corner’s, Rock Bar, Da Igual, Café Del Mar, Mambo and Kumharas. In fact, Kumharas has a reputation of hosting local and international DJ performances.

Nightlife in Ibiza
Nightlife in Ibiza

As far as clubs are concerned Space, Amnesia, Pacha, Privilege, Eden and Es paradis are some of the biggest clubs in Ibiza. These clubs offer great music, but over commercialization had led to overcrowding and hefty door prices. There are some alternative venues to the popular ones which beats them in terms of energy and music and one such club is KilometroCinco (Km5), where one can drink, dine and party till 4 am.

Practical Info

At Ibiza, summer spans from May till October, with rains occurring from June to September. During the month of August and September, the temperature goes well over 30 º C. The winters here last from November to April and during winters; the temperature rarely drops below 0 º C. Here, however, the daytime temperature hovers at around 15º C.