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Naples: A Spot for a romantic getaway

  • General information about Naples

Naples located in south Italy is the largest city of the region. It is a beautiful region in particular around the Bay of Naples. Situated on side of Naples is Mount Vesuvius and close to the bay are the beautiful islands of Ischia, Capri, and Procida. Naples has grand palaces, impressive churches, monasteries, convents, castles and other splendid buildings for the tourist to enjoy.

Naples has a very long time of essential workmanship and design. While the methodicalness of Naples as the imperative port of southern Italy is at last in rot, the city remains the point of convergence of the nation’s meridional business and culture. Naples, which, following the eighteenth century revelations of the covered urban communities of Vesuvius, since a long time ago stayed fundamental to developed travel, now serves guests chiefly as a wayside stop to neighboring destinations and resorts.

  • Population

In Italy, Naples is the third largest populous urban area with a population is Approx 6 Million.

  • Yearly Tourism Numbers

With almost 4.24 million voyagers every year ventures Naples; People fundamentally visit Naples for its rich culture, cooking, history, design and workmanship, it’s wonderful coastline and shorelines.

  • Short info about history

Naples was recognized approximately 600 BCE as Neapolis (“New City”), close to the more old Palaepolis, which had itself inspired the name of the siren Parthenope. The two towns began as Greek settlements, expansions more likely than not of Greek provinces built up amid the seventh and sixth hundreds of years BCE on the close-by island of Pithecusa (now Ischia) and at Cumae on the adjoining terrain, where exceptional Greek vestiges might be gone by today. Naples is the modern focus of southern Italy. Under the Bourbons the city had an encouraging start in assembling, with establishment of the porcelain factory at the regal royal residence of Capodimonte in 1740 and the improvement of silk and other material generation before long. The material business has stayed vital. Other customary enterprises of proceeding with significance are nourishment handling and winemaking.

  • Where is Naples

Naples is located in the Italy’s southern region known as the Mezzogiorno, about a 2 hours drive from Rome, Italy. Naples sits satisfactorily on the north border of the Bay of Naples – the Bay of Naples is recognized as one of the most lovely and stunning bays in Italy. The harbor of Naples is one of the most significant ports in South Italy.

  • Best things to do in Naples

Naples vacations make you think of canals, art galleries and palaces, and that is exactly what you get. On the other hand, we can also have amusement and fun, and don’t forget the appetizing Italian cuisine, as well as their well-known wines. Numerous people vacation in Naples for while, and then move base to visit other parts of southern Italy that shall come to shortly.

Dreaming of a romantic Naples wedding in Italy? The seaside cliffs of Italy’s Naples is the most perfect and enchanting location for an outdoor Naples wedding in Italy. There are many venues to host romantic and stunning wedding welcome, from the finest hotels, confidential villas for Mediterranean wedding receptions, romantic panoramic hotels overlook the sea to confidential terrace enjoy stunning vistas. Here are some of the museums and historical buildings to see and do in this amazing place.

  • Museums
  • National Archaeological Museum
  • Cappella Sansevero
  • Museo Nazionale di Capodimonte.
  • Museo d’Arte Contemporanea Donnaregina
  • Meseums of Treasure of San Gennaro
  • Museo Nazionale di San Martino
  • Palazzo Zevallos Stigliano
  • Secret Cabinet of Naples
  • Città della Scienza
  • The National Railway Museum of Pietrarsa
  • Villa Pignatelli
  • Museo Civico Filangieri
  • Museo del Corallo
  • Museum of Torture


  • Historical Building
  • Palazzo Serra Di Cassano
  • The Palazzo Gravina.
  • Monte di Pietà
  • Napoli Sotterranea – the Underground Naples
  • San Francesco di Paola
  • Palazzo Reale
  • Oltre I Resti
  • Teatro di San Carlo
  • Reggia di Capodimonte
  • Castel Maschio Angiolino
  • Castel dell’Ovo
  • Castel Sant’Elmo


  • Naples tourist attractions

With one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, a visit to Amalfi and the surrounding area is a highlight of any Italian vacation. Regardless of whether you’ve been to numerous Italian urban areas, nothing sets you up for the abundant, vivid, and here and there disordered commotion of Naples. The whole populace is by all accounts in the avenues that spill down into its harbour, and they’re all talking without a moment’s delay. This isn’t to imply that it doesn’t have an abundance of must-see attractions for voyagers. One of the world’s finest archaeological historical centres holds the fortunes of Pompeii, and significantly more.

To come to Naples is to experience a world that is far removed from any other city on the planet. Rome has its culture, Milan its fashion and Turin its Shroud. Naples on the other hand offers a miniature picture of Italy all rolled into one. Naples is the essence of Italy. With so much to do an see, how would anyone know where to start. Here are some of the best things to see and do in this amazing place.

  • Cathedral
  • Monastery of San Martino
  • Catacombs of San Gennaro
  • San Domenico Maggiore
  • Santa Lucia.
  • Naples Harbor
  • Mount Vesuvius
  • Castel Nuovo
  • The Cappella Sansevero


  • Shopping in Naples

To enjoy the shopping in city, it is best if you walk around it since Naples has some occasional traffic problems. While walking you would enjoy the scenery even more, especially the centuries old monuments that is in the city. The Monuments that we have to see are the 15th century sculpture of the Egyptian god Nile positioned resting on the corner of Piazetta Nilo and the ancient spire of San Gennaro situated in Naples. There are many Shopping malls and Markets in Naples


  • Biggest Malls
  • Auchan Shopping Complex
  • Fashion Italy Outlet
  • Galleria del Mare
  • La Reggia Designer Outlet
  • Linxi Trading Vendita
  • Le Ginestre Centre
  • Il Molino Galleria Commerciale


  • Local Markets
  • Mercato Caramanico a Poggioreale
  • La Pignasecca
  • Mercatino di Antignano
  • Viale Dohrn Antique Market
  • Porta Nolana Market
  • Mercato Pignasecca
  • La Torretta Market
  • Via San Gregorio Armeno
  • Poggioreale Market – Naples Shoe Alley
  • Posillipo Market


  • Nightlife in Naples

The bewilder nightlife scene in Naples is dynamic, with something for pretty much everybody. There are hip bars loaded with college understudies, and discos and night clubs where the move floors are swarmed each end of the week. When you’re delighting in Naples’ nightlife, recall that in spite of the fact that the Italians do get a kick out of the chance to have a good time, they don’t drink to get tumbling down alcoholic, nor do they exasperate the peace amidst the night by bringing the gathering out onto the tranquil avenues.

  • Bourbon Street Jazz Club
  • Lido Turistico
  • Dejavu
  • Lanificio 25
  • Clu
  • Barril
  • Trip
  • Mosses Club
  • Donna Romita
  • Ba- Bar
  • Galleria 19
  • Caffe Mexico
  • Intra Moeina


  • Practical Information

Entering Naples is easy by plane since it has an airport which is the Aero Porto Capodichino. This airport serves flights constantly from various parts of Italy, Europe and the World.

Traveling in and around Naples is best done by train since it a couple of major train lines run through the city. The train and bus stations could be found at Piazza Garibaldi, on the east end of Naples.

If you want to travel to the nearby islands then a ferry would take you there for a minimum fee. From Molo Beverello in Naples, the ferries could take you to the beautiful islands of Capri, Procida, Ischia, as well as Sardinia.

  • Temperature

Temperature of Naples during summer: Summer has a hot and humid weather with max temperatures about 36/38 °C (97/100 °F).

Temperature of Naples during winter: Winter is not a terribly cold season as rarely the temperature freezing (0 °C or 32 °F). Snowfall is rare as well.