positano travel guide


Positano is a great Tourist Attraction

Positano is a favorite town along the Amalfi coast with jet-setters, honeymooners and luxury travel fans. Positano is a beautiful, sheltered area with restaurants, shops and hotels and with a bar on the beach like an ice cream stand. Positano is a town built into the cliffs so to walk through the town, you’ll find yourself walking uphill a lot – or taking the stairs.

Positano city is one of the hidden gems of the Italy, famous with jet-setters and honeymooners alike. It is stunningly beautiful, mainly because of one unique feature it’s basically built into the cliffs of Southern Italy. From the top of the road it meanders down to the Mediterranean Sea below. Many of the hotels particularly the ones higher up in the hills have million dollar views of the water and the town itself. This is another feature that makes Positano so popular.

General information about Positano

There’s nothing more romantic than enjoying breakfast out on your private balcony with views of the ocean below. It also doesn’t get the amount of cruise ship tourists that these towns get. From the shoreline zone, you can likewise contract private watercraft to take you along the Amalfi drift. Because of its size the town takes a bit of planning to get to. The nearest airport is Naples International. From there you can either take a bus to Sorrento or catch another bus to Positano.

Population of Positano

Population of Positano region is 3,983.

Yearly tourist numbers in Positano

Positano has more tourists. 50 million Tourists can travel yearly.

Short info about history

Positano was a port in medieval days, later falling on hard times. Over the course of years, it became a fishing village. But in the 1950’s, tourists began the trek to Positano after John Steinbeck published an essay about this village clinging stubbornly to the side of a mountain. ‘Under the Tuscan Sun’ was also filmed there and Mick Jagger and Keith Richards wrote their song, ‘Midnight Rambler’ while there on vacation. After visiting Positano, you could certainly see that it’s a place to come to get creativity flowing.

Where is Positano

Positano is the best known village in the Amalfi coast for romantic weddings. It is truly a sight to behold with its white and pastel colored houses clustered together on a steep terraced hillside. With bright and sunny skies overhead and the blue green waters of the ocean below. It was once a fishing port of the Amalfi republic during the medieval times. Tourism is its major industry. Most tourists, who come to visit, fall in love with the place and eventually dream of having a Positano wedding.

Best Things to do in Positano

Positano is one of the most enticing destinations for a honeymoon with long stretched scenic coastlines in this region. The city features towering cliffs, deep ravines, rocky promontories, and sheer cliffs, beautiful pastel-colored villages with densely scattered vineyards, lemons and olives groves. The endless blue sea with the pine trees surrounding the coasts offer a best place to the couples to relax in the arms of their beloved. This play also boasts about some fine dining places with best seaside resorts and lively bars. In all, this place offers all the ingredients that are must for making a honeymoon trip enjoyable and memorable.

Here is a short-list of area where visitors will want to visit if they travel to Positano

Museums in Positano

If visitors want to visit a museum, discuss with a tourist agency or the counter at their Positano centre hotel.

  • Absolute Positano
  • Art & Craft Gallery
  • Miniaci Art Gallery
  • Museo della Carta
  • Correale di Terranova Museum

Historical buildings in Positano

Positano is famous for its Historical buildings. The Positano city offers a selection of stunning secular and spiritual structures. Positano city has many historical building such as

  • Piazza Tasso
  • Fjord of Furore
  • Isola Dei Galli
  • Port of Sorrento
  • Stabiae excavations

Positano tourist attractions

As there are plenty places to visit in Positano, it is utmost necessary that you have enough time in hand to cover all the major Italy attractions. But the problem may arise when you are bound to cut short your vacation in order to get back to the world of work-pressure. There are many tourist attractions in the Positano city such as

  • Capri Island Cruise from Amalfi, Praiano, or Positano
  • Capri Island Tour and Grottos from Sorrento
  • Amalfi Coast Small-Group Cruise from Positano
  • Private Amalfi Coast Sunset Cruise from Positano

Shopping in Positano

Shopping in Positano is not always cheap. If you go to some of the cities in the south then you will find fashion stores that are reasonably priced. Some items will cost less than they do in the UK there and there are plenty of bargains available. However, if you head to the north then you will find that fashions are more expensive purely and simply because of the location of the stores. Depending on your passion for fashion, you might well buy the clothes anyway because of the kudos that comes with buying them in Positano and the fact that the fashions are the cutting edge.

Biggiest Malls in Positano

There are several malls where visitors can shop the branded products.

  • Maria Lampo
  • D’ANNA Positano
  • Don Catello – Sandals
  • Supermercati Decò
  • Supermarket Di Naclerio Raffaela

Local Markets in Positano

The greatest time to visit to city has to be through the fashions shows that are held two times in a year. Travelers can find out the most famous markets in Positano where they can shop Local city products. There is some of the best Local market in Positano such as

  • Mercato Borgo
  • Bottega della Frutta
  • Chalet Li Campi
  • Bottega della Frutta
  • Cuccaro Fratelli

Nightlife in Positano

Positano city has exciting, active, unrivalled and happening nightlife. It is recognized as the famous city for nightlife. There are plentiful hotels, cafes, operas, restaurants, nightclubs, and discos. There are many famous nightlife places in Positano city. Positano is a city made up of miscellaneous regions that provide visitors stimulating nightlife, world famous art work, delicious foods and gorgeous countryside. When you are deciding on your next vacation, Positano has something for everyone.

Practical Information about Positano

You can hire a private driver who will pick you up at the airport and drive you directly to your hotel in Positano. This is one of the easiest, stress-free ways to do things. But it’s also the most expensive. It will cost you about 120 Euros one way. You can also rent a car and drive yourself. With a good GPS, this shouldn’t be too hard as there is one main highway into Positano. It will take you about 1.25 hours depending on traffic. The next option you have is to take the bus service into Sorrento. From Sorrento you can grab another city bus which will take you in Positano. This is one of the cheapest ways to get there. However on the downside, you’ll also be carrying your luggage – so it might be a bit tiresome.

Temperature in Positano

Positano have an average temperature of 21°C in summer and the coldest is 10°C with the most each day sunshine hours.