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Make memorable trip with Turin

Turin city is in the heart of Piedmont. The stunning Alps surround Turin; make it the best journey destination particularly for people who love skiing and the cold weather during the winter season. However, Turin can have a very hot climate in the summer months. Turin became more popular because of the Winter Olympics in 2006, which in progress its development.

General information about Turin

When you travel to Europe or any it’s countries, the best way to explore its rich heritage, beauty and visit places of tourist interest is to have your own transport. In the event that you happen to be in Italy and expect to circumvent Turin, engine auto city to a quickly modernizing city, the most ideal approach to move around will be in an auto, contracted from Car Hire Italy. The northern Italian city of Turin is famous for its rich Baroque heritage, the mysterious Turin shroud and its magnificent location within sight of the Alpine heights. Long a favorite visitor destination and pilgrimage centre, the city is crammed with historic sights and things to do. Turin city centre hotels are located within walking distance of many of the major attractions and the beautiful countryside outside the urban area is easily accessed by public transport, taxi or rental car.

Population of Turin

Population of the Turin city is 23.1 lakhs.

Yearly tourist numbers in Turin

According to current figures, in 2017 year 52 million visitors can visited the Turin city.

Short information about history of Turin

The Shroud of Turin History is an interesting journey of how a sacred shroud came to be and the different odds it had to face to get to where it is today. This shroud documents both the life and the death of the man they called Jesus Christ. This article will document the journey of the Shroud of Jesus and how it continues to make its journey today. The Shroud of Turin is a cloth that displays the image of a man,that seems to have suffered extreme physical abuse. This image also has evidence that the man in the cloth was crucified, many people believe that the man is Jesus Christ.

Where is Turin

Turin is a historic city, which is located in the northwest area of Italy. It is referred to for its snow-secured tops and additionally the Po River that keeps running close to the place. A standout amongst the most well known travel goals is the Mole Antonelliana, which ended up popular due to the 2006 Winter Olympics.

Best Things to do in Turin

Turin is a place of palaces, with the gleaming white Pallazo Reale epitomising the city’s wealth and royal history. Expect lavish interiors and period features fit for a king, including a splendid Throne Room and banqueting room. As befits a city which breathes its heritage through its present-day magnificence, Turin has a fine selection of museums and art galleries, not all of which are focused on the city’s distant past. One of the most-visited is the Museo dell Automobile with its eclectic collection of over 170 vehicles ranging from Formula One races, sexy scarlet sports cars to 18th century carriages. The Museo della Sindone is dedicated to the science and history of the Turin Shroud and the Egyptian Museum is famed for its magnificent collection of ancient Egyption artefacts, the best such outside Cairo. Mummies and reconstructed burial chambers are the highlights here.

Museums of Turin

  • Museo Nazionale del Cinema
  • Museo del Carcere Le Nuove
  • Museo Nazionale dell’Automobile
  • J Museum – Museo Della Juventus
  • Civic Museum of Ancient Art

Historical buildings in Turin

Turin is famous for its Historical buildings. There are many historical buildings such as

  • Mole Antonelliana
  • Borgo Medioevale
  • Piazza Vittorio Veneto
  • Piazza Castello
  • Torino Cittá

Turin tourist attractions

Turin is home to many fine Chocolates. If you are a big fan of fine chocolate, bring your wallet and your sweet tooth. We’re not talking about run of the mill store bought chocolate. Turin is a great spot to take in some Italian cuisine. Remember, not all dishes are the same throughout Italy. Take some time and sample the various local spins on common dishes and enjoy cuisine that’s special to the area. Turin, Italy is a great vacation spot. When you’re done having fun in Turin, it’s just about a two hour drive to Milano, which is the east.

Shopping in Turin

Shopping in Turin is also your opportunity to purchase many handmade Italian items to bring back home. It is very simple to find and purchase locally made attire, jewelry, chocolates and more.

Biggest Malls in Turin

Turin city has massive shopping malls and streets where travelers can buy lots of local goods also famous products.

  • Centro Commerciale Parco Dora
  • Area12 Shopping Center
  • Corte Garibaldi
  • Torino Outlet Village
  • Torino

Local Markets in Turin

For those interested in authentic local products, the city has many local markets such as

  • Porta Palazzo
  • Market Crocetta Torino

Nightlife in Turin

If travelers like superior and outstanding wines then it has even more to advise. City has bountiful parks and garden that are mainly attractive and admiring for families. It is ideal destination for enjoying nightlife, shopping and to enjoy the happening nightlife. It is best tourist spot.

Practical Information of Turin

When you travel to Europe or any it’s countries, the best way to explore its rich heritage, beauty and visit places of tourist interest is to have your own transport. Turin is also a happening place. Truly, it has been the capital or overseeing city of Savoy Kingdom and furthermore of the Alpine pinnacles. Turin and cinema are also inseparable.

Temperature of Turin Italy

In summer, from June till September, high temperature is 25 ºC and winter in Turin is very chilly. During this period, from November to March the temperature is 8°C and the lowest temperature is -2 ºC. January month has -3 °C which is the coldest time of the year.