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Calabria: The Toe of Italy’s Boot

  • General information about Calabria

Calabria is an unspoilt and beautiful part of Italy. It has good rainfall and a rich flora and fauna. The beaches are of white sand. Inland the mountainous spine of the region is one large national park, one of the largest in Europe.

Calabria is a popular holiday destination with holiday makers who like to stay in holiday rentals. They are drawn here by its spectacular historical and cultural venues. Many holiday makers like to rent holiday villas and self-catering holiday cottages in Calabria as holiday homes.


  • Calabria Population and Economy

As in numerous different locales, in Calabria there is an expanding pattern towards convergence of the populace in the bigger towns, especially the beach front zones, to the weakness of the inland provincial zones where eradication is connected to poor prospects in a retrogressive economy.

Expansive scale resettlement abroad and also to Northern Italy, which started to reduce just in the nineteen seventies, has lastingly affected the statistic circumstance in the district.

It has a considerable tourist population; there are approximate 2 Million permanent residents in the city.

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  • Calabria yearly tourist numbers

With 48.6 million tourists a year, Calabria, Italy is the fifth most visited country in international tourism arrivals.

Italy has seen a relentless ascent in tourism over the previous years, and keeping in mind that useful for its economy, the quantity of guests that slip upon the nation’s most-gone to zones every year incurs significant injury on assets.

In 2014, Italy was the fifth most-went to nation on the planet, with 48.6 million sightseers; that number has been ascending since, with 2016 on track to see a record number of guests to the nation.

  • Short info about history

The history of Calabria has seen numerous populations and cultures from all over the Mediterranean Area. The territory has been possessed since Paleolithic circumstances; unearthings in the Scalea Grottoes have demonstrated this as have spray painting by Bos Primigenius in Papasidero.

Amid the Neolithic time frame there were scattered settlements, particularly in the eastern parts of Calabria.

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  • Where is Calabria

Calabria is the tip of the Italian peninsula; it borders with Basilicata and stretches between the Tyrrhenian Sea and the Ionian Sea in the direction of Sicily, from which it is divided by the Strait of Messina. Geologically, Calabria has its own particular distinction, because of its peripherical and relatively disengaged position, contrasted and whatever remains of Italy, its trademark adaptation and morphological structure.

Calabria is the southernmost province on the Italian mainland. It is the ‘toe’ that points towards Sicily across the Straights of Messina.

Its location at the centre of the Mediterranean shipping lanes has made it an attractive location for many people. Over the centuries it has been home to Greeks, Romans and many other civilisations. These have left their mark in architectural ruins and ancient hill top villages.

  • Best Things to do in Calabria

Besides the amazing landmarks, tourists can enjoy the outdoor sports such as biking, water sports and adventure sports in this area. A holiday without sightseeing is like an exclusive Museum with history to travel around and so you must opt for sightseeing tours offered by the local tourism department.

Sightseeing is the perfect means available to enjoy a holiday in Calabria to the fullest as it has many historic landmarks.

  • Museums

  • Artistic Creations Il Faro (Tropea)
  • National Archaeological Museum of Reggio Calabria (Reggio Calabria)
  • “Giorgio Amarelli” Licorice Museum (Rossano)
  • MUSABA – Parco Museo Santa Barbara Laboratory (Mammola)
  • Bilotti open-air museum (Mab) (Cosenza)


  • Historical buildings

  • Museum and National Archaeological Park of Scolacium (Borgia)
  • Old Amantea (Amantea)
  • Piazza della Repubblica (Pizzo)
  • Norman Swabian Castle (Vibo Valentia)
  • Bova (Bova)


  • Calabria tourist attractions

Calabria has numerous eateries offering ocean bottom, for example, Alici ripieni to the travelers. To get taste of the territorial kind of this place, visitors can taste Sopresatta. Calabria is likewise rising quick as a main maker of world class lager and wine. You would now be able to test a significant number of these neighborhood wines and lagers.

Calabria has seen a big growth in holiday rentals in recent years and many families now come back to this beautiful region of Italy.

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  • Shopping in Calabria

In Calabria, the main benefit of shopping is that there are plenty of good options available, from old fashioned outdoor markets to modern malls. Also, the prices of the products in the region are lower in comparison to the northern regions, which is quite beneficial.

There are also many specialty stores, departmental stores, shopping arcades and malls in the main cities of the region where visitors would be able to find almost anything that they need.

Open air shopping in Calabria can be a great deal of fun since they offer a chance to guests to buy great quality genuine neighborhood handiworks at beside nothing costs.

  • Biggest Malls

  • The Vicolo delle Ceramiche (Le Castella)
  • Enogastronomy Lorenzo (Tropea)
  • Rabarama Sculptures (Reggio Calabria)
  • Giacinto Callipo Conserve Alimentari SpA (Pizzo)
  • National Gallery (Cosenza)


  • Local Markets

  • Campagna Amica Market (Lamezia Terme)
  • Agrimercato 2 Mari (Maida)
  • Anthony’s Market (Reggio Calabria)
  • Stable Market (Sellia Marina)
  • Covered Market (San Marco Argentano)

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  • Nightlife in Calabria

Calabria offers unmatchable night fun to the tourists as it has many world class nightclubs where one can enjoy clubbing and dancing. The music played in the nightclubs here are of varied types such as hip hop, jazz and rock so as to make even the non-dancers feel like dancing

Holiday makers must not forget to attend the spectacular festivals and events in Calabria such as the Festival del Pepperoncino. It is held in the first week of September and is dedicated to the cayenne pepper which is an informal symbol of this region.

Tourists can get a chance to taste spicy and delicious edibles ranging from gelato to pasta in the local festivals celebrated in this place.

  • Practical Info of Calabria

With a huge array of off-plan properties to choose from, this is an exciting emerging market. So, whether you are looking for an investment opportunity or a holiday home in the sun, you can rely on us to guide you every step of the way to make your dream a reality.

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  • Temperature of Calabria

Temperatures in the summer are extremely hot, even though the mountains get enclosed through snow in winter months.